Monday, December 29, 2003

Would someone please warm up the bullpen?

Again I find myself pondering just how badly this country needs a patriotically minded, economically non-dogmatic, no-nonsense, smart, unassuming centrist whom everyone the world over could easily recognize to be a fair-minded and well-meaning leader.

We need a guy like Wesley Clark in the Oval Office. As in, immediately.

So be it even if he's a Republican masquerading as a Democrat just to save this country from a group of dumbasses known as Bush et al. and a bunch of never-could-wins known as the other Democrat candidates. That's a sane Republican, one who many might not consider to be so bad.

Many Americans sure could sleep a hell of a lot better with Clark running the show. In fact, it might cease to be a show and, instead, regain the dignity it lost so long ago.