Sunday, June 26, 2005

Roving band of idiots

This administration's cognitive deficiencies are crystal clear, and Karl Rove's statements this week demonstrate the extent of neoconservatives' inability to reason.

The only intelligent defense for us is to understand our enemies. Even Robert McNamara said so in last year's documentary, "The Fog of War." Moderation, restraint, preparation for war, actual war, and an understanding of our enemies must all coexist for us to persevere in this war on "terra." Democrats, many of whom have served in the military that their neoconservative chicken hawk colleagues have not, know this, a meta-concept that apparently flummoxes Rove et al.

Partisanship in this country has birthed the very caricature of what we might label "binary thinking." One side is 100 percent correct, and the other side is 100 percent wrong. Common denominators are for sissies. A real man ignores anyone who disagrees with his ideas, which, after all, come not from his own mind but from God's.

Dogma never had it so good.