Thursday, September 01, 2005

We face more than a natural catastrophe

Our national security is at risk:

1) Lots of National Guard are already in Iraq.

2) The rest are pretty much in New Orleans and other areas of the Gulf Coast.

Our fledglingly recovering economy is in peril:

1) Massive export stoppages (e.g., grain, etc.) threaten agribusiness and farmers alike.

2) The portion of our massive oil consumption we produce ourselves is largely and indefinitely cut off. Spiking fuel prices are already hitting our wallets hard.

3) Food prices, not to mention the price of just about eveything else, will squeeze citizens' bank accounts.

Meanwhile, we face gargantuan trade and federal deficits. These pre-date Hurricane Katrina, as does the War in Iraq, which is about to top the $200 billion price tag.

Yeah, I'd say we're in trouble.