Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bad hit

Mirroring the apparent imminent state of Brent's Polemics, the server that records site visits for my blog might be flirting with the benefits of becoming comatose. Just yesterday I noticed that the hit counter's functionality was sporadic. What's more, the accompanying link led to nothing. The situation seems to have changed for the better today. And I do use Firefox. Perhaps Explorer users have experienced no trouble.

But, frankly, the circumstances make no difference; this blog has drawn few hits over the past year, and guess what? I accept the lion's share of blame for causing readership to dwindle. My own festering, growing inattention to Brent's Polemics has led, as logic always predicted, to what seems like irrelevancy.

Lesser men might survey the situation and decide to throw in the towel. Men of inferior constitution might choose to call it a day. Lack of feedback from their kin might cause self-conscious men to doubt their resolve to resurrect a soapbox -- or even deny themselves the right to do so.

And, yet, Brent's Polemics' editor is a greater man. He will never let Brent's Polemics perish, no matter the infrequency of its nevertheless sage relevancy. So I encourage one and all: Continue to visit on occasion. You never know when the decision will reward you with an intriguing post.