Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The demon resides

A demon inside resides
The sadness
The mother’s touch
Both empty
Yet meaning so much

Dark in the light
Anguished respite
It sleeps
Scales shiny and black
Muddy water
Through murky lens
Of the self tortured soul

I watch

The vice grip
Clasps my throat
Tears of loneliness
Tears of fear
Tears of solitude embraced
As solution without place
No place but the cavity of gut
Closed off from the rest
Wanting to share
Not knowing how

Tightness of throat
Flesh insufficient to the demon’s bloat
Of melancholy

Calling on the Lord
The Father
To extinguish the misery
Of a mother’s empty placations
The demon resides still
The Lord does not answer
The flesh and the treachery
Must go on