Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dude, my war just went $200 billion

I love milestones. We have one coming up. Do you know what it is?

That's right: the Iraq War's $200 billion milestone. It's just around the corner.

No, really. Take a look.

Yeah...that's it...just a little bit to the, scroll down a smidge.

There you go! See? The ticker says we're just a tad shy of $200 billion.

Let's imagine that the trusty, fight-with-teeth-and-nails Democrats we elected to Congress are planning a killer media blitzkrieg as we speak. Our guys' PR guys in Washington, their designated talking heads already warming up in the bullpen, must be all over this one and about to wage a cable news campaign for the ages. Liberals in our nation's capital are surely chomping at the bit, just waiting for the Iraq War Cost Ticker to turn over all those zeroes.

Boy, we sure do have wild imaginations, don't we?