Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Spinning out of control

The nerve of these people.

Today, as I watched cable news, my ears heard the clarion call of insanity at the reigns of our mass communication system. Hurricane Katrina's devastation has shown us all just how urgently we need limited government, according to Joe Neocon's latest spin.

This is no joke, and I am speechless. Some dude -- and I can't remember who or which channel -- said the ineptitude in NOLA is the mother of real-time examples iullustrating how reliance on the federal government is folly.

Last time I checked, the military, the police, the fire department, and all their friends are there for a reason, and they all, just about since time began, have functioned under the federal government's purview. This purview has been a postulate even under the most conservative of conservative administrations.

Do these neocons mean to tell us if only the private sector ran the National Guard, NOLA's survivors would have, well, survived?

It's a disease. It eats away the mind's coginitive ability until nothing remains but the ditto-headed lament, "Government is bad."