Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some people follow hate

So, you support the War in Iraq, huh?

Of course you do. Republicans can do no wrong. The U.S., in their hands, is always right. President Clinton and his incompetent band of treasonous liberals messed everything up. Thank God for our knights in shining armor, conservatives swooping down to save the day.

Of course this boy needs to suffer. The only way to destroy a mindset is to bomb it. Yes, you're right. It was already messed up. You have to do this. It is the only way. Alternatives are nil.

"Collateral damage?" said Uncle Sam to the Iraqi civilian. " happens. Those are the breaks, pal. So, hey...want to be my friend now? No? You hate me? Lots of people hate me? What? Way more people than before? Why?"

I'm just a stupid liberal who hates America. I shouldn't even be allowed to comment. My ideas are wrong. Anyone with a brain knows this. What I say about photos of obscenely maimed Iraqi youth smacks of nothing other than that flawed concept of moral relevancy. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. You better contact the FCC before my ass sees more of these photos.

Yeah. We're all just stupid liberals who hate your Jesus.

Hey, all you far-right, fundamentalist followers of Jesus, check it out: Would you care to join us, haters of your Jesus? You may find that our beliefs are, fundamentally, worthy of his teachings.