Saturday, October 08, 2005

Far right, meet the far left

I've long argued that the far right and far left have loads more in common than what the professional sophists who lead our national "debate" want anyone to realize. Along the polarities of the political and religious spectra reside basic tenets that jive with each other. Disagreements have always been in deciding which methodologies to employ to achieve the ends, or utopia, which some might call heaven on earth.

A real-life example of this commonality is coming to fore, and finally. An article that recently ran in The Grist looks at a watershed development: The leader of a major evangelical organization 30 million members strong has begun to advocate "creation care," an idea that anyone who reads the Bible even casually understands is a no-brainer.

Say what you will about the religious far right, and I'll agree with you 90 percent of the time. But powerful leaders of the religious far right are suddenly discovering Biblical arguments that favor responsibile environmental stewardship. Let's just count our blessings -- no pun intended -- and let them run with this one. The issue that has always harbored the most potential for methodological agreement has been environmental policy, and it's heartening to see the beginnings of what could be something big.