Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UPDATE: Arcane 1960s pop music knowledge strikes

Quick: What do Jimmy Page and Gordon Lightfoot have in common?


"In 1965 Nico covered 'I'm Not Sayin'' which featured a pre-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page playing 12-string acoustic guitar." (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Lightfoot wrote the song. I've listened to the song. It's a good song.

For those wondering -- the same curiosity compelled me to find out for myself -- Nico was the stage name for Christa Päffgen, a German-born European folk singer who, in 1967, collaborated with The Velvet Underground under the management of Andy Warhol, who later made her a Warhol Superstar. Päffgen died in July of 1988, just months shy of her 50th birthday.