Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm voting for The Gap

Campaign season is upon us here in New Hampshire, and Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, defends himself against a number of challengers. I haven't paid much attention to the various political platforms, but the candidates sure do have pretty signs. Their signs dot the roadside just about everywhere motorists could possibly gaze.

Some of the signs are bigger than others, but Governor Lynch seems to have the biggest signs by far. And my wife and I marvel at how effective the superior size of Lynch's signs seems to be in dissuading us from voting for his opponents. We can barely even count the number of times one of his challengers' signs has captured our attention only to lose it to one of Governor Lynch's bigger signs.

The only serious competition Governor Lynch's signage has, in fact, is from the billboards advertising products from well-heeled commerical interests such as automobile manufacturers, trendy clothing outfitters, and others. But Governor Lynch ought to watch out. Those billboards are bigger than his signs, and, typically, a sign for Lynch loses our attention to a sign for, say, The Gap. He just might lose our votes to The Gap too.