Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ralph Nader: the underminer

My pal over at The Chronic Curmudgeon has told me that the Republican political machine uses data mining techniques to spread word about itself across cyberspace. Basically, right-wing computer experts mine the Web for words associated with the conservative cause, e.g., "President Bush," "WMD in Iraq," and so forth. Readers can thank these neocon data miners for the right-wing banner ads that occupy the top of this site despite my blog's decidedly left-wing bent.

The plot thickens. Two days ago I posted a rant against Ralph Nader's quixotic--some would say, myopic, if not downright idiotic--candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America. Today, banner ads for Nader's campaign were strewn across the top of this blog.

Data mining must cost a pretty penny. How much money does Nader have? Not much, right? He's only a grassroots operation, for Pete's sake. He couldn't possibly afford the technology, and if he were doing data mining on the cheap, my site wouldn't have shown up on radar yet.

Oh! Wait a minute! Conservative groups are supporting Nader's campaign. Now I understand.

Way to go, Ralph. Whip out the big guns, why don't you? Those Republicans couldn't possibly have ulterior motives.