Monday, July 26, 2004

They say one thing and then they do otherwise

By cutting taxes until they are happy, they say they will eventually stimulate the economy.

OK. Those among the rabble, raise your hands if you have the patience to wait for some fat cat to satiate his own greed before he gives back to society.

Why is their happiness the sole prerequisite for the good of all to take place? When will they finally decide to help the rest of us by creating companies for us to work for?

Folks, that day may never come again. Do you want some proof? Just look at the latest fad: outsourcing. If the day does come, the companies for us to work in may not be the kinds of places anyone would want to work in.

The stakes are high. These same people who are the greediest among us control much of our government. The task at hand to defeat them politically is that much more challenging.

Boy, have we Democrats ever needed a stronger leader than we do now?