Thursday, July 29, 2004

Roommates who date

During the course of my search for a new place last week, I went to see an available room. A woman named Cindy was advertising it. I must admit, I also went to see what Cindy looks like and to guage whether she is available as well. I'm male. What do you want?

As the door to the apartment building opened, my eyes locked on a striking and lithe brunette of, if I'm not mistaken, the Pacific Islander variety. Do you know that a synonym for "lithe" is "supple"? I bet Cindy is also supple.

Cindy and I enjoyed great conversation. I learned, for instance, that she, too, loves to drive, and we shared a laugh about how we both occasionally brave the hellish rush hour traffic just for the thrill of driving.

The Pacific Islander female who was cavorting with me is tall. Cindy is, in fact, taller than I am. Yet the two of us also enjoyed what you may categorize as chemistry. Height disparities haven't stopped the ladies before, and I saw no reason to deprive her of the opportunity to access the "Brent Experience" in all its storied glory. I ended up not going for it -- the room, that is. But I did "go for it" with Cindy. Our e-mail exchange, which happened days later, follows.

Brent writes:

Subject: Re: CinBad - Room for rent

Hey Cindy --

I would've gotten back to you sooner,, hell -- I don't have a good excuse. Anyway...I've found an apartment closer to the city. It’s within walking distance of public transportation. I liked your place but decided I'd rather not have to drive to a train station anymore.

So...I won't be rooming with you. I know you're disappointed. In your shoes, I would be, too, if originally faced with the prospect of rooming with me. It would, of course, be a letdown for anybody. ...

But I'll tell you what. Let's grab a drink. Actually, that would mean we'd have to share the beverage, so maybe we'll get two drinks (and another round thereafter, if so inclined). Perhaps we'll even order alcohol for them. After all, we both love to drive, and everyone knows nothing goes together better than drinking and driving. ;-) Drop me a line.


Cindy replies:

Subject: Re: Re: CinBad - Room for rent

I'm happy things worked out for you. I too, have found a roommate and I'm very disappointed that things didn't work out for us. :)

Brent responds:

Subject: Re: Re: Re: CinBad - Room for rent

Your new roommate is a lucky person. And things can still work out for us, Cindy. Your disappointment will dissipate when we get together for drinks.

Important Disclaimer:

Should you prefer that Brent's e-mail advances cease, just let him know. He's a courteous guy who graciously grants such wishes. Yet he seldom encounters lack of interest, which means, under the rare circumstances that he does, he requires direct, unequivocal answers. :-)

Cindy denies Brent:

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: CinBad - Room for rent

I think Brent's email advances are quite cute, however I'm not interested.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Oh, well, even better looking women have reacted favorably to my game. And, most important, "I'm back in the saddle again." Steven Tyler concurs.