Saturday, September 11, 2004

Brent's Polemics: Deep well of political acumen and foresight

Folks, it just keeps getting clearer by the day. Brent's Polemics is a trailblazer in the political theater. Denizens of liberal thought regularly visit Brent's Polemics, blog of a pioneering wonk who formulates cutting-edge leftist strategy months in advance of when his peers in high places do. And so, these peers in high places visit this blog to learn. What is it they learn? At Brent's Polemics, they learn how to win back the Presidency of these United States.

Readers may recall a post from a couple weeks ago. It detailed how the official intelligentsia has, on faith, wisely adapted to John F. Kerry's campaign a Brent's Polemics hypothesis. Never mind that Brent's Polemics' executive editor's hypothesis specifically warned of a Kerry campaign's potential Achilles' Heel. And never mind that this warning came months in advance of the Massachusetts senator's nomination. The executive editor of this blog forgives his peers in high places for their folly. It is all they can do, now, to utilize the executive editor's advice as best they can, and he supports them in this.

And hope remains. A clear causal relationship in the preceding example shows Brent's Polemics' influence on national politics and must have convinced most readers of this blog's prowess. Skeptics who still cling to their disbelief should pay attention, for the phenomenon has again run its course.

The powers that be have adopted another strategy promoted long ago by Brent's Polemics. Read the following, e-mailed to Brent's Polemics' executive editor, member of's massive distribution list:
"[T]today we're upping the ante and launching a 10-week countdown featuring creative, funny, and beautiful ads from some of America's top directors and actors, including Rob Reiner, to Scarlett Johanssen, John Sayles, Matt Damon, and many more. We call it 10 Weeks: Don't Get Mad, Get Even! Each week, we'll pair one new ad with a couple of actions we can all take to make a difference as we speed toward the finish line." then elaborates. The idea is great. In fact, it was a great idea when Brent's Polemics convinced Hollywood to do it. Don't look now, but one of Brent's Polemics' affiliates released the trial balloon many moons ago. The parent company of Brent's Polemics then reiterated the notion earlier this month.

In light of all the evidence, surely it is the duty of Brent's Polemics' executive editor, prodigy of the political landscape, to conjure yet more dazzling leaps of logic. The forces of good depend on him as they endeavor to save no less than the future of this country. Stay tuned.