Saturday, December 11, 2004

You're an animal

By combating, with all our might, the evildoers' weapons of mass distraction, we stand a good chance of halting the march toward oblivion. The truth will help us. Science will be our weapon of truth. Darwin first broached a certain notion, one that we can share and promote with renewed vigor:

We must urge mankind to admit that humans are animals.

Expect an uphill fight that will test your resolve. The word "animal" has become an insult. The same people who laugh at the thought of disputing that a cat or dog or horse is an animal categorically deny that humans are animals in the exact same way that a cat or dog or horse is.

Many seem to think that the human as animal is not special. Their conclusion stems from an illogical series of false postulates that leaders and superstition sanction while science refutes. These false postulates are sanctioned lies and unethical.

Think of a human as an animal that is just as much an animal as a cat or dog is in the biological sense. That's a postulate of science. Mankind can safely acknowledge these postulates, apply the corollaries the postulates entail, and expect palatable results.

Recognize that humans are special animals, animals with intellects unprecedented on our planet. Our intellects make us very special. Each person can respect her considerable intellect. He can decide to restrain the propensities he continually entertains, as an animal, that make the human intellect dangerous to the planet's survival.

Once we shed the aversion to thinking of ourselves as animals, the clarity of mind necessary to act more responsibly is suddenly within reach. That's a conclusion that probably seems ironic to those who don't like to think they are animals. Yet these same people might find the implication agreeable: Ever since we began exercising our intellects, humans have strived to be better.