Sunday, July 25, 2004

Dating conservatively

Blogspot likes to run banner ads across the top of my blog. I don't mind, really. But sometimes I wonder, as they tend to beckon Web surfers to right-leaning sites.

Maybe this irony in the face of my site's politically left content is just a coincidence, but that explanation would be boring, and I hate to be bored. It's at these moments, when I slip dangerously toward ennui, that my old friend paranoia (click on the link and scroll down to "Conspiracy Theory") wrests control of my mind and tells me, "The Bushites' Internet-based henchmen are monitoring you, Brent. They're hacking your site."

Paranoia makes his points with a brand of confidence and certitude that is unmatched. He's hard to argue with. After all, how could the Bushites' Internet-based henchmen even have a clue that I'm again single? They must be watching my every move. Why else would they display a banner ad, on my blog, pointing to ConservativeMatch? As ConservativeMatch likes to describe itself:
More than just another dating site...
ConservativeMatch is not simply another dating site, we are a real community of people who share conservative values. Our site offers much more than matchmaking, we bring people together for friendship, romance and marriage.
Great. Not only must I surround my blog with a cyber moat to protect me from the nefarious right-wing computer hackers invading my Constitutionally protected right to say and write what I want for all to hear and read. On top of that, crazed women of a politically conservative mind soon promise to hit me up for tea and crumpets and nag me about my views on Iraq, economic policy, and God knows what else. And I probably won't even get laid for the trouble.

To be fair, we should all remember that some left-leaning organizations go a step further and run their very own dating sites for liberals. Conservatives can have their own dating sites too. They'll get no complaints from me.

I'm just wondering why those right-wingers are advertising their personals at my blog. I guess I'm just paranoid.