Monday, July 26, 2004

Corporate America: A faux sage culture

Its leaders like to think of themselves as our sages, which explains their dogged loyalty to their policies. So many people buy into the song and dance, too.

It is a huge problem for everyone everywhere, as Corporate America's "philosophers" have become our nation's "intellectual" leaders. Good marketing can sell simple solutions, and it's tempting to accept a simple solution for a pressing problem. Why? We want answers now. Many of us are inclined to say, "OK, it's decided. Don't talk to me any more. You're wasting your time. This is the way things are. Rush Limbaugh tells me so."

Just look at any of the President's media appearances. (This shouldn't take long to do.) They are largely scripted along marketing principles that aim to sell ideas. The ideas are simple ones; marketing's efficacy in communicating complex concepts is limited. And complex concepts are what we need to solve many of our problems.

The irony is that the people selling simple solutions may believe their own ideas. That would be almost more dangerous than if these people were merely lying. Regardless, the dilemma remains, and loads of cash in their coffers pays for the marketing know-how that fuels their efforts.

Hope lives. Some of us recognize these faux intellectuals' arguments as wrong even as soapboxers attempt to convince us otherwise as best they can. We who see through the mistaken postulates are few. Our retort calls for a clever marketing campaign, yes, but our notions call for more. It will take a few artists to communicate the stuff that can heal our nation. Art speaks volumes. Art takes courage, and it must fend for itself. As I write, a conservative, somewhere, is suppressing an artist.

Where can we turn? Where else than Corporate America may we find brilliant marketing people? Where do talented artists with power live? Where are the progressive benefactors? Where will we meet those who would do pro bono work for what is best?


Thank you, Michael Moore, for "Fahrenheit 9/11." Anyone else in Hollywood who fears for the future, take notice. Help your ally. Script and market something artful that blows the doors off the drivel from jokers who control Corporate America and its subservient news media. Carry Mr. Moore's torch over the next leg of this journey to freedom before the cabal leads us to oblivion.