Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Who's your Papi?

People talk trash. You hear it all the time. The best do it. The worst do it. Michael Jordan did it. John Rocker did it. There's nothing wrong with it. It just happens.

Sports teams and fans talk trash whether they've earned the right to do so. Their trash talk carries more weight if the trash talkers also walk the trash. The New York Yankees and their fans love to talk trash. They can. Why? They walk the trash. New York fans have watched their Yankees win the American League Pennant 39 times and the World Series 26 times. Wouldn't you talk trash?

It hurts to hear trash talk when it targets you, but you can do something. You can walk the trash. The 2004 Boston Red Sox, ladies and gentleman, have walked the trash like no other team in baseball history and now ask the Yankees, "Who's your Papi?"