Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Death and bliss

Oh, celluloid heroes never feel any pain
Oh, and celluloid heroes never really die

Readers may know this song. These lyrics have captured my imagination these past 24 hours. I must say, The Kinks were on to something.

Television and film have altered the notion of heroes. Heroes used to die for real. Myth, later, would claim they didn't, really.

Common sense says modern heroes, with the stunts they perform in front of cameras, ought to die. Yet they do not. They, or their dutiful doubles, instead perform death-defying stunts without consequence. These modern heroes then stroll, sexual playthings at their sides, down the red carpet before the paparazzi, who fawn and whose photographs of these celluloid heroes provide proof of life.

Do something that could get you killed, gentlemen. A fake-breasted, nymphomaniacal lady will be waiting for you, legs spread eagle, just around the corner that leads not to death but popularity and sexual bliss.