Saturday, January 08, 2005

Brent's Polemics has been published

Actually, the editor of Brent's Polemics has been published. Same thing. My byline and mug display at the beginning of the following article, and I get free advertising, at the end, for my communications consultancy, STETrevisions:

Real Reality TV

Yes, I wrote the article at that link. Thank you. You will all be on the acknowledgements page of my forthcoming book.

Imagine Magazine, a publication that covers the New England media industry, has as its publisher a woman who descends from none other than General George Patton. The online layout seems unconventional. I was also in the hard copy version, an aesthetically pleasing tabloid newspaper format published every two months; my article was in the magazine's November 2004 edition.

Glossies now find themselves in my freelancing crosshairs. The safety is already disengaged. Watch out, Rolling Stone et al. That's right. Brent's Polemics is in your rearview mirror and approaching at a rapid rate of speed.