Thursday, September 28, 2006

I friggin' knew this would happen

Earlier this week I wanted to post my prediction on how the conservatives would spin former President Bill Clinton's behavior this past weekend on Fox News. What was my prediction? Conservatives would cast Democrats as being intolerant of press freedom, and the spin, given the political climate and the conservatives' own mainpulation of the news, would be maddening and ironic to Democrats everywhere.

But I'm so damn busy these days; I had to abort the post. And I also figured more than a few Democratic friends of mine would bemoan the prediction and say, "They couldn't possibly do that and get away with it, let alone benefit from such a strategy."

Well, well, well...think again. My prediction was spot-on, and now, as maddening and ironic as it is, Democrats are the ones who'll have to defend, all over cable news for the foreseeable future, their supposed tolerance of a free press:

Ailes: Clinton's Response to Wallace an 'Assault on All Journalists"

Wouldn't it have been nice if, instead, Democrats could have called the Republicans to the carpet on this issue -- especially as we near the midterm elections?