Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Scarborough's country is hurting

Joe Scarborough, generally understood to be an outspoken right-wing media personality, just tore the entire government, including the White House, a new asshole. Amen.

Spinning out of control

The nerve of these people.

Today, as I watched cable news, my ears heard the clarion call of insanity at the reigns of our mass communication system. Hurricane Katrina's devastation has shown us all just how urgently we need limited government, according to Joe Neocon's latest spin.

This is no joke, and I am speechless. Some dude -- and I can't remember who or which channel -- said the ineptitude in NOLA is the mother of real-time examples iullustrating how reliance on the federal government is folly.

Last time I checked, the military, the police, the fire department, and all their friends are there for a reason, and they all, just about since time began, have functioned under the federal government's purview. This purview has been a postulate even under the most conservative of conservative administrations.

Do these neocons mean to tell us if only the private sector ran the National Guard, NOLA's survivors would have, well, survived?

It's a disease. It eats away the mind's coginitive ability until nothing remains but the ditto-headed lament, "Government is bad."

Explicit lyrics come in handy at times like these

Check out the following link:

We told you so

People are pissed. Very pissed.

It's getting ugly out there. And you know what?

It's about f'ing time.

The demon resides

A demon inside resides
The sadness
The mother’s touch
Both empty
Yet meaning so much

Dark in the light
Anguished respite
It sleeps
Scales shiny and black
Muddy water
Through murky lens
Of the self tortured soul

I watch

The vice grip
Clasps my throat
Tears of loneliness
Tears of fear
Tears of solitude embraced
As solution without place
No place but the cavity of gut
Closed off from the rest
Wanting to share
Not knowing how

Tightness of throat
Flesh insufficient to the demon’s bloat
Of melancholy

Calling on the Lord
The Father
To extinguish the misery
Of a mother’s empty placations
The demon resides still
The Lord does not answer
The flesh and the treachery
Must go on

Friday, September 02, 2005

Talking points for the Bush Administration

Mr. President, I would encourage your media relations handlers to participate wholeheartedly in publicizing New Orleans' seemingly intractable predicament. Don't worry about all the television footage. It helps you. Later, when the country does secure the situation, the images and psychological impact of this catastrophe will be useful in rebuilding political support for the Iraq War. Americans will see the capability of our nation to rebuild a devasted area. Citizens will be more apt to place faith in our ability to do likewise in war-ravaged Iraq.

I am such a cynic.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

We face more than a natural catastrophe

Our national security is at risk:

1) Lots of National Guard are already in Iraq.

2) The rest are pretty much in New Orleans and other areas of the Gulf Coast.

Our fledglingly recovering economy is in peril:

1) Massive export stoppages (e.g., grain, etc.) threaten agribusiness and farmers alike.

2) The portion of our massive oil consumption we produce ourselves is largely and indefinitely cut off. Spiking fuel prices are already hitting our wallets hard.

3) Food prices, not to mention the price of just about eveything else, will squeeze citizens' bank accounts.

Meanwhile, we face gargantuan trade and federal deficits. These pre-date Hurricane Katrina, as does the War in Iraq, which is about to top the $200 billion price tag.

Yeah, I'd say we're in trouble.

Games and tests

You can try your games with me, but you won't like the way I play.

You can test me, but you won't like my answers.

I've done all that. I'm done with all that.

It was still a good play on Zeppelin lyrics, but I want to apologize for my last post's excessively humorous tone. The situation in New Orleans has since rendered my words inappropriate.