Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why they hate

A recent cover story on TIME reads, "Why They Hate Each Other." It's a clever play on the recurring theme of "Why They Hate Us." I send kudos to the copyeditor and ask: Is there anyone these fundamentalist muslim extremists don't hate?

We ought to be asking this question. Our leaders may pander to these extremists' wishes and address their complaints, but I imagine these gestures might do little to change what seems to be a systemic, psychologically ingrained need to hate.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UPDATE: Arcane 1960s pop music knowledge strikes

Quick: What do Jimmy Page and Gordon Lightfoot have in common?


"In 1965 Nico covered 'I'm Not Sayin'' which featured a pre-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page playing 12-string acoustic guitar." (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Lightfoot wrote the song. I've listened to the song. It's a good song.

For those wondering -- the same curiosity compelled me to find out for myself -- Nico was the stage name for Christa Päffgen, a German-born European folk singer who, in 1967, collaborated with The Velvet Underground under the management of Andy Warhol, who later made her a Warhol Superstar. Päffgen died in July of 1988, just months shy of her 50th birthday.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Creativity for creativity's sake

Which came first, unrest or creativity? Better yet, does it matter? Why pursue creativity for creativity's sake, paying for this addiction with perpetual unrest?

Till survival

Why foment unrest? Observe the unrest that instead springs sans premeditated provocation by the few, and then let the few manage it wisely as humble servants of the many. Allow abstract rights to translate only to a level of creativity that tills survival, and not to the heights that come only at survival's expense.