Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blithe minds frolic

Even in our darkest hours’ past, America was always a leader unflinching, resolute, and wise, a beacon to the world. But a new era looms, one without that America’s stamp of approval. A shift threatens all remnants of the good will and camaraderie for which patient Americans have toiled.

This nation finds itself in a place. This place endangers the American experiment.

Americans, confident in their superiority, take their perennial standing among the world’s peoples for granted. We disregard our fortune. We misunderstand even our own legacies. We fail to ponder our place. We just assume.

A sensible nation is a humble one and retains its power. Land of the free, home of the brave is witness to an irony. Arrogance, misguided and carefree, will snatch from us the very thing that has filled us with obstinacy, bluster, and false pride. Prudence knocks at the powerful American’s door. It implores the American to exercise deference in leadership and respect for strength, but this new American scoffs.

So many of us don't care. So many others care only about us. Spoiled, blithe minds frolic in the vestiges of America’s swan song.